How the Roof of a Home is in Danger to Violent Winds

Fast winds can be a nuisance for the structural integrity of your house. When the wind gusts get fierce, they can cause create havoc like taking the roof of your home. Roofs on residencies are well designed and they're made to withstand normal wind conditions in your area. Yet, if the gusts of wind are fierce, your roof can only do so much to stay intact. For individuals who reside in wind prone areas like the Eastern seaboard where hurricanes hit or Tornado Alley, this is a danger. As an esteemed storm damage restoration company, Paul Davis has the know-how in roof maintenance during the storm season, and we know how roofs are affected during extreme wind conditions.

Understanding How Heavy Wind Gusts Impact your Roof

The reason why roofs are blown off during high-wind storms has to do with air pressure. With all wind, as it maneuvers through your location, it will come in contact with your home. When the wind hits your house, and for this scenario your roof, the flow of air will change. What occurs is when wind gusts sweep against the roof, they make the air to twirl and it generates circular currents. These circular currents make a push-pull action on the roof and tugs on it. The air pressure underneath the roof is an integral component here. When the wind is able to get inside your house from a doorway, or if outside debris breaks a window, this will form a high-pressure scenario inside your home and it will push upwards towards your roof. Then you'll have a push from inside the home and a pull from on top of the roof. This push-and-pull is how shingles get blown off, or in an extreme case, your roof blows away from the rest of the home. We suggest you keep windows and doors closed in the event of a storm. Bracing your windows before fierce wind conditions can minimize damage to your home and roof. There was a time when it was a standard practice to open doors and windows while it was storming, but that practice has been debunked to prevent roof damage. Boarding up windows can prevent them from shattering and letting wind in. Components like the stature of your house and the shape of your roof can also impact how fierce winds affect it.

Learn to Ward Off Storm Damage to Your Roof

Getting your roof analyzed for weak spots and areas of concern that can be fixed before a storm will help mitigate wind damage when the weather turns. Eradicating the initial point of entry for the wind means you can avoid damage to your roof while the storm rages. Precautionary steps may take up valuable time but the bonus of an intact roof is worth it. A roof that has been analyzed and repaired properly stands a better chance to combat high wind conditions. Unfortunately, not all damage can be prevented, and that is why Paul Davis provides storm damage restoration and repairs. You can count on us for assistance when it comes to storm damage on your roof. We know the value of prompt services and we work hard to make sure your property is in the finest condition possible.